Logging out!

So we're wounding up to the last few days of school and most students are finishing up their last few projects and papers. Unfortunately, I'm also finishing my creative writing project for the semester, making this my last blog post šŸ˜¦ When i first heard my professor tell us that we needed to make a... Continue Reading →


Hoes Don’t Get Cold

Honestly there is nothing I hate more than having to walk to class early in the morning when its negative brick outside. And as I am walking, the more I think about how cold it is, the more i just want to punch myself in the face. So here are a few tips on how... Continue Reading →

Holiday SZN

So it's around that time where finals are quickly approaching, everyone is freaking out about their long-term papers-- that they have yet to start, all along with trying to juggle holiday preparation as well. Yes, if you ask me that is A LOT to deal with especially with such a tight schedule given that we're... Continue Reading →

Class Registration

Okay I don't know about you, but I think scheduling classes for the upcoming semester can be one of the most stressful things on earth. I kid you not it's like every man for themselves since everyone is desperate to get all of theĀ classes they either need or desperately want. And to top it off... Continue Reading →

Marvin’s Room(mate)

Whether you're living on campus or you're a young adult trying to save a few bucks, you will find yourself living with a roommate, housemates, or suitemates. While this might make your wallet happy, it can also cause some unnecessary drama in your busy, hectic life. I think most people will find themselves hitting a... Continue Reading →

~I’m Here For the Boos~

It feels like classes JUST started but by the time you already know it's time to start thinking about your Halloween plans. Halloween is definitely an unforgettable college experience like no other. After being in school for a bit and getting back into the swing of things, this is the first major event that gets... Continue Reading →


Have you ever pulled out your phone and pretended to use it just so you don't appear to be alone? I see students doing this exact same thing around campus literally everyday--myself included. Sometimes students might begin to feel lonely once the semester starts to pick up even though they're surrounded by people all the... Continue Reading →

Avoid Doom in Your Room

  Freshman year of college might be the first time some students will be grocery shopping all on their own. With having to balance everything else going on in a student's life, it's easy to forget what we should have in our college rooms--whether it be a dorm room, an apartment, or even a house.... Continue Reading →

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